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pressed pigment palettes
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The Haus of Dragun delivers never before seen DragunEgg shaped eyeshadow pans the size of your dreams. Fantasy Palette Vol. I includes 4 pressed eyeshadows and 1 pressed pigment*; three with matte finishes (TRANSition, la draguna, harajuku) and 2 with shimmery finishes (popstar, rudegirl). Fantasy Palette Vol. II includes 5 pressed eyeshadows; 3 with matte finishes (ditzy, baked baddie, sailor dragun) and 2 with shimmery finishes (aquarius, hexxx). 

The buttery matte formula is rich with pigment; perfect for softening, TRANSitioning, and blending away harsh edges to fulfill your FANTASY, while the shimmery formula includes next-level reflecks and full coverage. Repeat after us “mirror mirror on the wall…WHO’S THE BADDEST BITCH OF ALL?”

Vol. I Shades:

  • TRANSition: toasty brown
  • la draguna: brick red
  • harajuku: royal purple (pressed pigment)
  • popstar: shimmery lavender
  • rudegirl: shimmery midnight

Vol. II Shades: 

  • ditzy: peachy nude
  • baked baddie: chocolate brown
  • sailor dragun: deep navy
  • aquarius: shimmery teal
  • hexxx girl: black cherry

Fill Weight For Each Palette: 7.5gm/0.26oz

*not intended for immediate use around the eye area

  • Prime your lids with your favorite eye-primer for flawlessly smooth application and long wear.
  • Build your base with a shade like TRANSition or ditzy all over your lid, blending seamlessly. 
  • Blend deeper shades like la draguna, harajuku, baked baddie or sailor dragun into your eye crease and use lighter hues along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye for an extra pop. 
  • For even more pigment, use your ring finger to apply shades or use setting spray on your eyeshadow brush of choice.
  • Add shimmery shades rudegirl, popstar, aquarius or hexxx to the center of your eyelid to amp up your FANTASY.
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How to Use

Live your Vol. I + Vol. II fantasy with 5 DragunEgg shaped pans the size of your dreams.