DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion

  • $25.00

  • Personally formulated by the Mother of Draguns, DragunFire works well on all skin tones and helps to conceal, correct and perfect the appearance of dark circles, discoloration and blemishes. Infused with light-reflecting mattifying powers to brighten and blur, this formula diffuses imperfections to create a photo-filtered fantasy, IRL. Saturated with Vitamin E and Vitamin A, DragunFire blends effortlessly and offers fully customizable light-to-full coverage.

    • DragunFire is the first step in Nikita’s Skin Perfecting System - acting as a second skin and the primer to the primer.
    • Neutralizes everything from purple, blue, grey discoloration to dark circles and beyond.
    • Promotes optimal skin health with Almond Oil, Shea Butter and added emulsions.
    • Creates the perfect layer for light, medium and full coverage foundations.

    Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    Fill Weight: 4ml

    • A little goes a long way - start light; build & blend to your desired result.
    • DragunFire works best where the sun doesn’t hit. For optimal results, take a bare-faced selfie in direct light to see where you want to brighten; then apply to shadowy areas.
    • Application areas include: under the eyes, around the nose, near jawline & smile lines.
    • For a contoured effect, create a defined line along the jawline.
    • When applied, give the product a moment to set. DragunFire will stay in place and not mix in with your foundation.

DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion