Face Palette


  • Take your TRANSformation to the next level with Face, a multi-use face palette with versatile pigments designed to be used differently on all complexions. Serve your ultimate Face Fantasy with two buildable contour shades, two vibrant blushes and two iconic highlighters. Play with each shade individually or combine powders to create the perfect “10”. 

    Vegan & Cruelty-Free

    Free of Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates

    NET WT. 22.2 g TOTAL

    • FEM Neutral Matte Contour: effortlessly blendable, FEM soft contour gives a ‘hot girl summer all year round’ radiant glow. From bare face all-over warmth to full beat sculpting, FEM’s matte formula is smooth and buildable. Warm up the face by applying FEM in an E motion, covering the highest places; top of forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Officially a ‘get you someone who can do both’ moment, use FEM as an allover warm transition shade. (NET WT. 5.0g)
    • SURGE Deep Matte Contour: Hiiiii deep chisel. Meet the most user friendly contour, SURGE; that enhances, sculpts and defines the face. Effortlessly customize your contour from natural day to snatched night. For specific application and definition, apply SURGE with a sculpting brush under the cheekbones, around upper frame and jawbones. (NET WT. 5.0g)
    • T GIRL Shimmering Blush: A blush we can all obsess over. T GIRL shimmering blush is universally flattering and adds the perfect oomph to any look. A soft blend of peachy pigment with an added highlight glisten, T GIRL delivers an effortless, irresistible glow and instant color. Apply a swipe to apple of cheeks for the realest long-lasting peachy glow moment. (NET WT. 3.3g)
    • BB GIRL Vibrant Matte Blush: Matte, magical and mega pigmented, BB GIRL’s dusty rose pink shade applies, builds and blends effortlessly. The perfect match for bronzers, BB GIRL goes on smooth and builds beautifully for any time of the day; daytime natural or nighttime realness. (NET WT. 3.3g)
    • FANTASY Opalescent Highlighter: FANTASY’s flawless opalescent lavender highlight wears beautifully on different skin tones. Light reflecting and ultra illuminating, FANTASY delivers a truly one of a kind highlight. Inspired by living your ultimate fantasy, this shade gives a natural glow to the skin and gives a deeper illuminating effect as you build. Play with different brush sizes for unique applications. (NET WT. 2.8g)
    • SILICONE Illuminating Highlighter: Fakest name with the realest highlight, SILICONE’s mesmerizing gold champagne highlight has entered the chat. Highlight the brow bone, upper lip and cheekbone for a perfect glowing pop. Use a firmly packed bristle brush and pack highlighter to eyelid for an instantly brightened eye.  (NET WT. 2.8g)