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limited edition PR Box
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Hi Late Bloomers 🌸. Serve a full lip FANTASY with your mom and snatch the ultimate mama’s day gift with the Late Bloomer PR Box. The Late Bloomer PR Box includes all three Mama Dragun inspired DragunGlass Liquid Lip, Gloss and Lip Job Liner shades in a perfectly giftable ensemble.

The 9-Piece Late Bloomer PR Box Includes:

  • DragunGlass Liquid Lip | moxie, mama dragun, mamacita (NET WT. 4.5g /0.15 oz each)
  • DragunGlass Gloss | moxie, mama dragun, mamacita (NET WT. 3.5ml/0.12 oz each)
  • Lip Job Liner | 4.0 cc, 5.0 cc, 6.0 cc (NET WT. 1.4gm/0.05 oz each)
  • Define your lips with Lip Job Liner by following your natural lip line. For a fuller lip, contour around your natural lip shape. PRO-TIP: draw a line like Mama Dragun’s and overdraw your cupid's bow to shorten the space between your nose and top lip.
  • Follow Lip Job Liner with your favorite DragunGlass Liquid Lip shade to deliver your fullest lip... FANTASY!
  • A little DragunGlass Liquid Lip goes a long way. DragunGlass gives you high-impact color with every swipe! Give DragunGlass time to set. Our formula was designed to be more hydrating than your typical matte liquid lip.
  • Next, apply DragunGlass Gloss. Start in the middle and work your way out. Use the edge of the diamond shaped precision applicator to blend out the rest of the lip.
cruelty free
gluten free